About Us


Dayle is like a shot of espresso. She is the first person to greet you with a hug and a laugh when you walk into a room. Her energy revives even the most mundane conversations into stimulating discussions. Meeting new individuals, listening to their stories and finding ways she can help is what she does best. She is always trying to find the best in people, and with her successful career in managing, she uses that genuine interest in people to motivate them to be their best selves. She believes we can be a positive impact in anyone’s life and consciously reflects on her own attitude, actions, and experiences to improve herself in order to always be a positive influence in others lives.

She is humble and stumbles like everyone else, but she is not afraid to keep putting herself out there and doesn’t hesitates to try the next thing, even if that means a few crashes or broken bones along the way. Her natural born instinct to be a leader allows her to take life by the reins and take on any obstacle, personally or professionally. If something needs done, she will not only meticulously plan the steps to get there but find and coordinate the people and resources to make it happen.

Her journey is continuously evolving and full of surprises, yet the best thing about her is that on that journey she influences everyone she meets along the way for the better.

– Brandy


How many of us as adults, at some time have said to a child “if you don’t stop making that noise, I’m going to throw that toy out the window”? And so went my first adventure with Brandy! I was married, expecting a child and we had taken my 7-year-old niece on vacation with us to Colorado. Maybe that is when our bond was solidified for life. Her calling me on my shit and me attempting to tell her what to do! Needless to say she kept her toy.

Brandy sees life through an artistic lens and what she produces through that lens is a window into her soul. She sees past the first impressions, the labels, our masks and takes the time to really see someone, something or some animal. She connects.  Brandy communicates strategically through imagery. She has the unique ability to create communications through visual interpretation. She tells stories through how she captures a subject in a photo. How she brings color and shapes together to communicate a message without a single word. A video edited so every second used is intentional.

Brandy is an independent, strong, loving young woman. To really know her is to see her strength as well as her vulnerability. She is quick to take physical risks, but more cautious with her emotions. Her love for her family is tangible.

Curiosity and a love for learning took Brandy and her husband away from their family and friends for a new adventure together. After 7 years as a Graphic Designer in Kearney, Nebraska she added UX to her resume when she graduated from North Carolina State University with a Masters of Graphic Design. She has changed her life to follow her passion. Her future is boundless.

Love ya,