Design your Life – Part II

RelativeLinks caught up with Kimberly Masters in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  When Kimberly isn’t guiding bike tours, she is running her business – Essential Journeys – Maker of Soap by the Slice.  Brandy and I were given a tour of the business, the story behind the art and a glimpse into just one more of Kimberly’s passions.   Of all Kimberly’s stories, the one I find most astonishing, is her time in Alaska.

Leading bike tours in Alaska, setting her own course and following her dreams.

A young woman living alone in Alaska, no electricity or running water.

Fearless, vulnerable, bold.

Living her dreams and not letting anyone define her life.

An example to all of us to live our dreams and be our best self.

Words from a woman who is designing each day of her life –  Traveler, Cyclist, Artist, Business Woman, Dreamer and Role Model.

“Work with what is in front of you each day.”  

“Design your day to have flow and highlights”  

“Reflect, breathe”

“Each day I ask myself how am I choosing to live?”

I would encourage you to follow the links below to learn more about Kimberly and I highly recommend taking a bike tour with her to hear her stories first hand.  She has me wanting to sign up for Morocco Bike Tour in 2017 with her!!!

Thanks, Kimberly for taking time from your amazing life and sharing your story with RelativeLinks.

How connections work….

While we were visiting with Kimberly on her front porch, her neighbor arrived home.  Kimberly said “If you are looking for unique and interesting stories, you have to meet my neighbor.  Her family makes round homes.”    And yes, we were connected with people at Deltech and given a tour the very next day!  Keep following RelativeLinks to learn about “round homes”!

Make the connection…you have no idea where it might lead you…..

Check out RelativeLinks’ video below to get a glimpse of Kimberly’s soap studio and hear her fun stories about goats and Picasso!

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