Design your Life – Kimberly Masters

Design your Life – Part I

Several women had just finished a four-hour train ride from Paris to Aigues-Mortes to start a France Bike and Barge Tour.   The tour company, WomanTours, had provided all the information you could ever need including our guide’s cell number, but we couldn’t find the barge when we departed the train!   I promptly dialed our guide’s number which I had placed in my favorites the minute I received it –   Kimberly Masters answered my call.  Turns out the barge was literally on the other side of an embankment we were looking right at!  From that moment and for the next eight days,  Kimberly  would guide a bunch of American women who would make new connections daily with each other, with life, and with France.

France Bike and Barge 2016

It was an amazing experience and is worth a writing of its own, but this blog is about an amazing lady named Kimberly Masters, who along with Rosita Menghi, was a guide on my France Bike trip.   As many of you know, I seem to break bones on my vacations.  This trip was no different.  Day one on the bike I wiped out and hurt my wrist.  Seriously, first fall in 15 years on a bike and I do it in France!   Luckily we had a great group of women who pulled together their PHD’s, pharmaceuticals and braces to get me back on the bike the next day.   Yes, a few weeks later I would discover it was broken and needed a screw to fix it, but that is a story for another day.


Essential Journey’s lip lube!

What is important to this story – is the fall forced me to slow down the next day and gave me a chance to connect with Kimberly.  Life is like that, right?  It gives you what you need when you need it.   Life will guide  you in your connections if you are open.  Kimberly was on sweep duty ensuring no one was left behind.  My fall created an opportunity for me to slow down and observe the world more than I normally do.   I took time to talk with others instead of racing to the next stop.  Kimberly and I talked for hours.  She was curious about me and my life, but I was fascinated with her tales.  Guiding tours in France, living in the Alaska wilderness, starting her own business, following her own path.  I thought “she has a pioneer spirit”.    She is a strong woman creating her own life, her way. She doesn’t let fear deter her from her dreams.   She is both bold and nurturing in her actions.  She is designing her life.   Travel, cycling, artist, business woman…   read more about Kimberly in the upcoming blog Design your Life –  Part II.

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