Discovering “Hat-attitude” at a One of Kind Millinery – New Orleans’ Fleur de Paris

One of my earliest memories of spending time with my Aunt Dayle was playing dress up in her house in Lincoln, NE. Digging through large hatboxes and putting on all styles of hats and shawls feeling glamorous like a movie star. As we get older, we often forget to take the time to play and be goofy with our friends and family. This chance encounter with the Fleur de Paris was a trip down memory lane and reminded me how special those moments are when we let go of being adults and just play and spend time with each other without an agenda.

The Fleur de Paris is a custom millinery and couture boutique in the heart of the French Quarter. This excellent shop has been on Royal Street for the past 40 years and embodies the style and elegance of New Orleans. From the moment we walked in it felt like we had traveled back in time. A woman named Angel greeted us as we walked in and immediately started playing dress up with us. The personal attention of the staff made our experience light-hearted, fun, educational, and nostalgic. Angel was like a mad hatter throwing on all styles of hats onto Dayle’s head. Styles ranging from Ingrid, Coco Chanel, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Fifi hats. With each hat adjusting the brim to find the perfect line that would draw attention to the eyes and compliment the face shape. These personal adjustments of the hats are what make each hat so unique to the person wearing it.

The amount of artisanship that goes into these high-end hats is incredible. From layers of beaver pelts that can take four years to steam and press to vintage flowers and feathers over 70 years old from around the world. The wonderfully practical thing about investing in one of these pieces is that once you own the base you can update it when you want a new style. Simply by adding new pins, flowers, feathers, ribbons, and jewelry, you can transform your base into a completely new hat.

The combination of magical customer service and top-notch quality and design of the hats is what makes this a one of a kind store. This is reflected in their clientele of world-class clients that travel from Australia to Switzerland in order to receive the best service and hats. Clients range from the ladies and gentlemen of New Orleans old society, chart topping pop princesses and rock legends, Derby women, and bridal parties. This type of world-renowned reputation makes Fleur de Paris the largest millinery shop in the USA.

Our experience here reminded me connecting with someone does not have to be a deep or serious conversation it can be silly just like when we played as children. You can imagine the forever bond you create with your bridal party when you have a bachelorette party at Fleur de Paris. Playing dress up with your closest loved ones and sharing the magical moments of making childhood dreams a reality.

Get a glimpse into the magic of Fleur de Paris at



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