Ashley Kate has a way with words

img_4696It’s hard to believe Ashley Kate isn’t a singer.  But after listening to her sing she assured us she is not a singer – she is a songwriter.    She loves to write the music.  And with comments like “I knew everything I wasn’t, but not what I was” I have no doubt she is going to make it big in the songwriting world.

Ashley and I connected five years ago when we both moved to Colorado for work.  We were transplants in the area and quickly bonded at work and after.  I knew she enjoyed music and had actually taken Songwriter Cruises.  Who knew there even was such a thing?   Last year Ashely moved to Nashville and has since immersed herself in the music scene.  She collaborates with other songwriters, promotes artists, does a little management, joins video shoots, and so on.  She is inspired by others and supported by all she meets.  She truly feels she has found her place in Nashville.

When interviewing Ashley, I asked what was her mother Cindy’s favorite song these days.  (I happen to know Ashley’s mother is not only her biggest fan, but more importantly she is Ashley’s guiding light.)   Which means I knew it would get emotional.   Her latest work in progress is – I’ll Look at Me.  And I must say her lyrics, guitar strumming and voice have grown immensely in the year since I last heard her music.  She radiates love for the music, a strength that comes from a confidence to be vulnerable and a dream shining brightly through her.   She has fallen in love with Nashville the city, the people and the songwriting industry and it shows.

Check out the video Brandy created to hear Ashely’s thoughts on the songwriter experience in Nashville, how technology interfaces with the music industry, collaborating and connecting in the industry as well as more of her music.  Also if you haven’t seen it the Facebook live recording check it out on my Facebook page.

Dreams do come true.  


You can find more on Ashley Kate on her website

2 thoughts on “Ashley Kate has a way with words

  1. Awesome. I love Nashville for all of the talent and was surprised to find so much talent that isn’t necessarily country. Thanks for sharing.


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