In the beginning.

Dear you,

You might be thinking what in the hell is this?   This is a blog.  Why blog?  I’m blogging to share my connections and hopefully inspire others to make connections.  Connect with family like I’m doing with my niece Brandy on our two week social immersion road trip.  Connect with strangers because we are already connected as humans we just need to introduce ourselves.  Connect with your passion.  What ignites a spark in you and fires you up?  Connect with yourself.  Spend time getting to know yourself,  be aware and mindful of your thoughts and behaviors.  What connections are you forming as you journey through your life?

So it begins with an aunt and niece who love to learn, seek adventure and share space with each other.  For two weeks we are traveling together sharing our thoughts and observations, capturing stories and connecting with others.  We hope you will find some nuggets in our stories to inspire you, comfort you, make you laugh and most importantly connect with you.

stay connected…

Dayle and Brandy

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